Be My Witness


Be My Witness addresses the unique challenge and opportunity that preachers face in declaring the gospel with power and relevance to the many concerns society facesincluding issues of race, gender, and economic justice. In this volume, Dr. McMickle presents a model for sermon content, context, and spiritual preparation based on Acts 1:6-8, “Be my witnesses, in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Treating these words of the Risen Christ as a Great Commission to those called to preach, the veteran pastor and professor of preaching explores the threefold implications of what it means to be a witness for Jesus: * Seeing something * Saying something * Suffering something Further, the book examines the vital role of the Spirit in becoming Christ’s witnesses in the world, and the need to broaden ministry to connect not only with our local neighborhoods but to the global community as well.


Best-selling author, veteran pastor and professor, and now president of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Rev. Dr. Marvin McMickle returns to his passion for preaching in this new book, which explores the Great Commission as recorded in Acts 1:6-8, “Be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.
Be My Witness offers a unique approach to the preaching task and suggests a way for preachers today to declare the gospel with relevance to the many issues and challenges society faces. McMickle explores the implications of what it means to be a witness for Jesus and considers a three-fold understanding of the word witness:
•Seeing something
•Saying something
•Suffering something
Suggesting this passage be heard by preachers as a combination ordination charge, pastoral installation message, and seminary commencement address, McMickle develops a twenty-first century theology of preaching that encompasses both content and context for delivering the gospel message. Specifically, he explores the preacher’s need to wait for the Spirit’s power, to be Christ’s witness in the world, and to widen the scope of ministry—to the ends of the earth.

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  1. Thomas G. Long

    In this fine, biblically and theologically grounded book, Marvin McMickle recalibrates the compasses of all gospel preachers, sending us along the true path of courageous and prophetic witness. Guided by Jesus’ challenge to be my witnesses, McMickle shows how faithful preaching leads the preacher and the church into places of wonder and danger and into the vortex of the most urgent issues of our time. Every student of preaching and every pastor should read this provocative volume. –Thomas G. Long, Bandy Professor of Preaching, Emeritus, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

  2. Rev. Dr. Luke A. Powery

    Rooted in a biblical and theological vision of preaching, Rev. Dr. Marvin A. McMickle s new book reminds readers of the expansive call of Christian preaching. He teaches that preaching s theological end is to reach the ends of the earth, not just those warming the pews. His embrace of preaching as a global vocation leads to the affirmation that the world is indeed our parish while he also affirms that without the Holy Spirit, preaching will perish. This book reveals what it means to be a witness for the Lord; thus preaching is more than words but includes deeds, even bending one s knees on holy ground. Reading this will make you utter what should be the beginning of all sermon preparation, Come, Holy Spirit. –Rev. Dr. Luke A. Powery, Dean of Duke Chapel, Associate Professor of Homiletics, Duke University

  3. Frank A. Thomas

    I read Be My Witness and was reminded of the central task of preaching, fulfilling the Great Commission. Marvin McMickle has demonstrated once again that he is one of the most important interpreters and chroniclers of preaching in the twenty-first century. I immediately buy his every book and recommend that anyone who loves preaching do the same. –Frank A. Thomas, Professor of Homiletics, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana

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